massage services

Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage is the most common of all massage techniques. This relaxing massage uses firm but gentle pressure to help ease minor muscle tension and stress, increase circulation and promote relaxation. This service is perfect for first time spa visitors and those who just want to relax.

Therapeutic Massage
This modality utilizes therapeutic techniques such as Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and stretching to address areas of dysfunction in the soft tissues of the body. This service is offered only by our Licensed Massage Therapist.

Aromatherapy Massage
100% pure essential oils are skillfully added to your massage service to help calm, uplift or energize.

Hot Stone Massage
Smooth, heated Basalt stones are placed around the body and in your therapist's hands to create a deeply relaxing and soothing massage experience. Muscle tension and stress simply melt away.

Youth Massage (ages 12-17)
Our youth massages are specially designed to fit the needs of your child. Massage is a great way to reduce the stress resulting from sports, school and other activities.

Chair Massage
This beneficial massage performed in our ergonomically designed massage chair will quickly relieve stress and tension and have you on your way in a snap.

Mud Body Wrap
Drift into bliss as you are wrapped up snug and warm in a cocoon of heated silky, mineral-enriched mud which will naturally help to detoxify, smooth and stimulate the skin.

Full Body Sugar Scrub or Salt Scrub
This invigorating treatment uses coarsely granulated sugar or sea salts to remove dry skin and leave you feeling supple and smooth.

Herbal Body Wrap
Soak in the benefits while being wrapped up in your choice of a detoxifying or soothing herbal blend infused heated body wrap.

Paraffin Hand Bath Treatment
Hands are massaged then dipped in our heated paraffin wax to relieve pain and tension, increase range of motion and induce relaxation. A soothing scalp massage accompanies this service for ultimate relaxation.

This relaxing energy based technique instills a deep sense of overall well-being by incorporating a slight touch with specific hand placements around the body.

Reflexology Massage
This ancient Chinese massage uses applied pressure to reflex points on the feet and/or hands that are believed to correspond to specific body organs and systems. Reflexology aims to restore energy to the organs and throughout the entire body.

Perfect Mass-ahh-ge Packages

Aromatherapy Body Polish Package - Find your Zen as you Relax, Balance or Energize with one of our signature aromatherapy blends. Feel your stress drift away as you enjoy a soothing aromatherapy foot soak accompanied by a delightful scalp massage. Next stop on your Zen journey? A luxurious full body polish followed by a relaxing 60 minute Swedish massage each inspired by the Zen blend of your choosing.

Soul Warming Hot Stone Massage Package - Warm your soul as you melt away tension and stress with this full body aromatherapy hot stone massage treatment. Smooth, heated Basalt stones are used for warmth as well as an extension of your therapist’s hands to enhance this amazing aromatic 60 minute massage. 30 minutes of reflexology and a blissful paraffin hand bath top off this incredible package.

Botanical Bliss Herbal Body Wrap - It’s always a great idea to get all wrapped up in self care. Enjoy the benefits of being enveloped in a hot sheet cocoon infused with a detoxing or soothing botanical blend of dried herbs and flowers. Afterward, a lovely 30 minute Swedish back massage and cozy paraffin hand bath will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Down to Earth Body Wrap Package - Soothe those tired and aching muscles and calm your spirit as nature intended while being cocooned in a warm and luxurious Moor mud or Sedona clay body wrap. A delightful hot shower is your segue to a tranquil 60 minute Swedish massage, followed by a soul pleasing head, neck and face massage.

Sweet Indulgence Sugar Scrub - Your skin will be glowing and so will your senses with this gentle but invigorating full body sugar scrub. A hot shower followed by a 60 minute Swedish massage using a deliciously indulgent, cocoa based cream will have you feeling simply amazing. A gentle head, neck and face massage is the icing on the cake.

Student Massage ServicePricing
Swedish massage - 90 minutes$50
Swedish massage - 60 minutes$35
Swedish massage - 30 minutes$20
Aromatherapy Massage - 90 minutes$50
Aromatherapy Massage - 60 minutes$40
Aromatherapy massage - 30 minutes$25
chair massage - 20 minutes$15
paraffin hand bath treatmet$15
reflexology massage - 30 minutes$20
Licensed Massage Therapist ServicePricing
Swedish massage - 90 minutes$60
Swedish massage - 60 minutes$50
Swedish massage - 30 minutes$30
Therapeutic massage - 90 minutes$65
Therapeutic massage - 60 minutes$50
Therapeutic massage - 30 minutes$30
Aromatherapy massage - 90 minutes$65
Aromatherapy massage - 60 minutes$50
Aromatherapy massage - 30 minutes$35
hot stone massage - 90 minutes$80
youth massage - 90 minutes$55
youth massage - 60 minutes$40
chair massage - 20 minutes$20
mud body wrap - 60 minutes$75
full body sugar scrub or salt scrub - 60 minutes$60
herbal body wrap - 60 minutes$60
paraffin hand bath treatment$20
Reiki - 60 minutes$40
Reflexology massage - 30 minutes$30
Massage PackagePricing
Aromatherapy body polish package$120
soul warming hot stone massage package$100
botanical bliss herbal body wrap$100
down to earth body wrap package$120
sweet indulgence sugar scrub$110