hair care

Salon ServicePricing
Bonded (Full head)$50
Bonded (per track)$7
braids (basic scalp)$25
braids w/ design (scalp)$35
clipper cut w/ design$10
color - 1 application$15
color - bi-level$20
color - high-lights$25
color - lo-lights$25
color - tri-level$30
color correction$20
color - hi-lo combo$45
color - 2 step lightening$20
custom wrap (perm)$40
extension removal (per glued track)$2
track removal - full head (glued in)$15
track removal - sew in (per track)$5
track removal - sew in (full head)$25
flat iron$15
hair cut$8
jheri curl - carefree curl$30
kinky twists/box braids$75 & up
long hair/braids extra charge$5
micro braids/individual$75 & up
perm - regular$25
pony tail (only)$16
quick weave (full)$50
relaxer re-touch$20
relaxer virgin$25
rod set with perm rods$27
sew-in (full head)$75
sew-in (per track)$8
shampoo (only)$3
shampoo - BD style$15
shampoo/basic roller set$11
sister curls (spiral with curling iron)$20
taking down braids/tracking$10 & up
taking down scalp braids$10
taking down individual braids$10
temporary color$6
up-do/specialty hair style$25
weekly rinse$4
wig styling$15
dandruff shampoo$1
hot oil conditioner$3
moisturizing conditioner$3
protein conditioner$4
shimmer lights$1